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Where can you go to network with other BPM professionals?  Becoming a member enables you to tap into a worldwide network of practitioners to develop or hone your BPM skills and competencies.   ABPMP International is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of Business Process Management concepts and practices.

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Please take a few minutes now to review some member benefit information to ensure that you are getting the most from your membership with ABPMP and to read about some of the more interesting things we are doing…



If you haven’t already joined our LinkedIn community, you can sign up right now if you click here. Or, go to www.LinkedIn.com and under Groups, find ABPMP Global - Association BPM Professionals (Official Group).  More than 1,000 people already joined!

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Members are able to download the latest version of the BPM Common Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK®) for free.  And the member fee to apply for and take the Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP®) exam is $150 less than for non-members.


Members get discounts to major events in the BPM world.  Have you checked the home and events pages recently for conference listings?  Members in ABPMP get discounts to Gartner, BPM Institute, Forrester, and other BPM conferences and events.  We also get discounts on most BPM training programs and software.  If you are interested in some particular program, let us know and we will see if we can arrange an ABPMP member price. 


Networking opportunities through our local Chapters (we are up to 16 chapters internationally now) and online communities on LinkedIn.  And, most of the chapters post the presentations from their many events on the members’ area of the website making them available to all ABPMP members worldwide.




Over the last year, we have not only released the BPM CBOK® to the world, but we have seen a German translation published by our affiliate organization the European Association for BPM, and our Brazilian chapter has produced a Portuguese translation.  We are in negotiations with the Japanese BPM Association to translate it into Japanese language and within a year we should see a French and Spanish version too


Now the most important benefit:  You have the opportunity as a member of ABPMP, to participate in your local chapter as an officer or committee member.  You can participate in an ABPMP international committee working on things like the BPM CBOK® and the CBPP® programs to contribute your knowledge and expertise to build the future of the profession.  And we want your help.  As a participant, a team leader, a topic expert… in whatever capacity that works for you, you can help define the BPM profession.  This association is its members and we want your participation.



Now, whether you are joining or renewing, please take a few minutes and email one of us (below) and let us know how we could improve the member experience, and how we can make this association more worthwhile for you.  We appreciate your feedback.

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Felipe Pinto, Vice President for Membership Services

Tony Benedict, President of ABPMP International


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