ABPMP International is dedicated to the development of BPM educational programs and services in support of our goals for Business Process Management professional education.


In support of the Vision, Mission and goals of the ABPMP International, the Education Development Committee is responsible to:

  • Define the discipline and practice of BPM
  • Maintain a BPM Common Body of Knowledge
  • Develop a professional certification program for BPM professionals:
    • CBPP® (Certified Business Process Professional) Exam
  • Develop educational and training programs that support our products and services such as:
  • Develop and promote programs that contribute to the advancement and skill development of professional who practice BPM

Additional objectives of the committee are:

  • Create model curricula for academic programs (community colleges, undergraduate, graduate, and professional continuing education programs)
  • Identify and endorse academic and research programs that align to our BPM CBOK®
  • Work with academic research organizations to promote an active research agenda in BPM
  • Identify and endorse corporate training programs that align to our BPM CBOK® and CBPP® Certification programs


The Committee is in the process of updating our one day educational tutorial titled, BPM 101 that can be utilized for conferences or for ABPMP International Chapter meetings.  This presentation is intended to be an overview of most of the key concepts and terms necessary to get started understanding BPM or developing a BPM program. 


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